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Welcome to the Skischool Jochberg!

fabulous since 1970....

50 Years Anniversary

"One peculiarity about ski running is that its followers never lose their enthusiasm. And small wonder for it is indeed a glorious sport. There is everything in its favour. It takes one into the open air amid the finest scenery, it tests every faculty, it provides exercise for every muscle and it gives health, strength and pleasure beyond compare".                                                                  (E.C. and W.R. Richardson 1903)

We will do our utmost to protect both our guests and our employees as much as possible throughout the upcoming season (COVID-19) so that everything can run smoothly and safely.

The ski school Jochberg guarantees unforgettable experiences on the mountain. Our instructors teach not only out of passion, but with them you can get to know the large-scale winter resort of Kitzbühel from first hand. 

In our anniversary year we grant our guests:

* 0,5 % reduction included in all costs
* 0,5 h longer course times for group courses
* 5 persons maximum in the group
* early start for groups to avoid mass
* you can get mouth masks (bandanas) if needed


We are pleased to advise you personally to choose your perfect course.

Tel: +43 676 / 78 28 013 or here to send us a message.

Looking forward welcoming you!

Kathrin Schipflinger & Team